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By | June 20, 2014

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I know I have posted this question many times, but people keep telling me to explain everything that happened. This is the last thing I am posting on this subject. If you don't know what a binaural beat is, its when two slightly different frequencies are presented in each ear (using headphones)

I listened to the beat “theta” (3.9 hz) after I listened to it I actually had negative side effects. While I was listening my leg started to feel numb (this was 3 minutes in) After the session was over (about 7 minutes long) I noticed that my vision changed a little bit. It was a kind ov slightly blurry vision. I went down stairs to get a drink of water, I noticed that the back of my head and the right side of my head felt heavy and I couldn’t move my head freely. A little later on my head started twitching. I thought to myself that these symptoms will probably go away the next day. So I wake up the next day and I noticed that I did not wake up with a morning erection (Don’t mean to get to personal) I thought to myself (hmm… thats a lttle weird) So, a little later on in the day I starting getting severe nausea. The nausea was so bad it was almost unbearable. It lasted until I decided to lie down. When I woke up after the nap. The nausea went away. About 2 days later. I noticed that my sex drive was gone, and its difficult for me to get erections. I also noticed that Im not getting any sensation in my penis. I literally cant feel sex. I also noticed that i’m getting muscle twitches all throughout my body and my fingers keep twitching.

This happened about 2 months ago. I also forgot to mention that I also have no appetite. Do you think this was caused by the binaural beats? The symptoms I am getting now is muscle twitches and no sex drive.

Thank You.

P.S. I am a 16 year old male.

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I have heard binaural beats and i have them with me and i had similar experineces whn my body suddenly starting twitching and jerking while listening..but doesn't happen with all beats..only with some will happen but eventually it will go away ..mine went on the very next day becox i heard them only once..perhaps u hear them often..anyways they are given for either anxiety or insomnia..try to do meditation which will reduce the twitches to some extent ..try relaxation exercises..if your country has access then try the natural herb ashwagandha which restores sexual activity..for insomnia try Baba Ramdev's Medhavati and Saraswatarishta(gives strong sleep)..there is a Baba Ramdev website where you can order these products online Http:// take ashwagandha syrup instead of caps/tabs… also has Ramdev products which will do shipping in USA….on myyog under men's care you will find natural remedies for restoring sexual potency….

I listen to Subliminal deep calm music album from Real Subliminal(which i got for free on their website Real Sublimial ) instead of listening to binaural beat . .the only binaural i listen to was the one i found out on Youtube for does not have side-effects and it is very calming but i dont have the link now..DONT EVER LISTEN TO BINAURAL BEATS OR BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT OR HOLOSYNC OR ANYTHING RELATED..they are not good ..instead prefer natural music like western classic(unchained melody like) soft melody, japanese classic, indian classic, tibetan or buddhist meditation music etc or korean classic …

If you have sleep problems due to anxiety then some tips for u :
1 natural herbs " Rescue Remedy", Seredyn and PureCalm..St John's Wort, valerian root capsules, chamomile tea, lavender oil, kava kava, passion flower, ashwagandha
2 Lot of Exercise and dancing
3. Meditation..meditation mp3s, classical soft melody songs…Claire Weekes audios and books
4 Less intake of salt and junk food, all natural food. More omega 3 oil. 2 glasses lemon water early morning, intake of curd and yoghurt in diet, icecream before specific situations glass milk before sleep
5 Lifestyle modification : low stress domestic living, simple routine, leaving stressful jobs, decluttering house, and sleeping early ..waking up more in contact with nature (come out of those big skyscrapers), making real friends, sharing with people and pursuing multiple hobbies
6 no smoking, drinking, drugs or watching TV excessively,no listening to heart-thumping rock songs.. No coffee, coke or any kind of caffeine and not much browsing, chatting
7 keeping pets and growing plants
8 relaxation exercises like PMR and guided imagery or postive visualization , body massage.

Is there any homeopathic medicine for aromatase inhibitors. Or any ayurvedic medicine?

Posted by rahul a

Natural products of bees contain aromatase inhibitors such as bee propolis and honey [both contain chrysin]. Others that are natural include chamomile tea [apigenin] and grapefruit [naringin]. Just don't eat grapefruit if you are on pharmaceutically prescribed medication before talking to a doctor or pharmacist first as it can interfere with the action of several drugs.

Others include the supplements quercetin, and passiflora incarnata extract, and genistein from soya isoflavones. Apples are full of quercetin so eat an apple a day, and so are onions and garlic. Drink a few cups of chamomile tea and use raw honey for the aromatase inhibitor apigenin and chrysin.And eat celery and parsley as they both contain apigenin.

Avoid sugars and sugary foods including anything containing the artificial sweetener aspartame as these promote insulin production and therefore the aromatase enzyme. If you are overweight try to lose weight as fat cells are another source.

Take Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) …an Ayurvedic herb…as this reduces blood sugar thereby helping to reduce aromatase.

Talk to a doctor or pharmacist first before eating grapefruit or taking passiflora incarnata or ashwagandha root if you are on any prescribed medications to be sure there are no drug-herb interactions.

Hope that helps.
Best wishes.…

Ashwagandha Root Tea

Ashwagandha Root Tea

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