Rhodiola and High Blood Pressure

By | June 17, 2014

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Qualifying for Disability! Do You Think I have a good chance of getting approved?

I applied for disability in June 2011. I have been out of work since Feb 2011. I have been diagnosed with Hypertension, Hypotension, Syncope, Sinus Tachcyardia, S.V.T, Anxiety, Depression, and Stomach Muscle Spasms. I have been denied 2 times and jus requested a court date 3-4months ago. They said that although I have all my prob's it hasnt done serious damage to my organs yet. When I tried to work my blood pressure and pulse would go really high and the nurses would send me home cause they said I was unable to work(I worked in a nursing home). I was told I had 2 go 2 the Dr before I could work again. She ended up putting me on bed rest for a wk. Then I went back and I got worse so she put me on restrictions and my job said I couldnt work until I was cleared of restrictions. Ive been going to all my doctors and they put me on meds which I dont think work but I jus lost my insurance so I cant go to my dr or get my meds now. Do I have a good chance of getting approved? Im 20 if that matters.
First of all Im not retarded and you dont need to be on here calling people that! And I know alot of people dont know that a person can be diagnosed with both Hypertension and Hypotension but you can be and it makes it really hard to get your B.P to stay around normal. My b.p goes anywhere from 222/190 down to 60/34. Its really confusing and irritating. And I absolutely loved my job as working in the nursing home and I miss it alot along with all the residents:( and my life was going great cause everything was falling in place perfectly! I dont know what happend to make me get all these problems. Now my husband takes care of me (since I have been unable to work for over a year) and I hate it, I was so use to not having anyone do anything for me. I use to be able to do it all and it still upsets me that I cant now, but Im still very grateful to have such a wonderful hubby that loves me.

Posted by Mizz Danielle 🙂
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You have hypertension AND hypotension (low AND high blood pressure – not sure how you can have both), syncope (fainting spells, possibly caused by stress), sinus tschycardia (a normal increase in heart rate from stress), SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia – an abnormally fast heart rhythm, also possibly caused by stress), Anxiety (stress), Depression (could be caused by stress) & Stomach muscle spasms (also could be caused by – do we see a pattern here – STRESS).

You're 20. I have a feeling that you are unsatisfied with where your life had ended up and are stressing about it. Find a different line of work. I think, if you were on a lot of meds – for anything other than stress – you were being over medicated. Having lost your insurance may have been the best thing for you. Start taking homeopathic natural stress relievers (passionflower, valerian, kava kava, rhodiola, relora, GABA…) & anti depressants (st. John's wort, schisandra, passionflower (again), B-vitamins, calcium/Magnesium, omega 3, 5-HTP, SAMe, vitamin D…)

BUT you need to research taking these (and what not to mix them with) BEFORE taking ANY of them.

My opinion as to whether you'll be approved for Social Security Disability – no. SS Disability is for seriously ill people who won't be able to work again. You're 20. Don't wish that nightmare on yourself at this age. Change your life to one with less stress. Do things YOU like to do. Get away from Dr's who are paid to throw the newest Rx at every patient they see. Live your life, don't survive a disability. At this point, you still have the choice.

Has anyone ever taken cipralex?

I have gone through a battlefield the last few years. I have survived but depression and anxiety have set in and overpowered my outgoing life. The only things I do are exercise and work. I have no desire to socialize at all, and still have pain from getting hit by a truck. I decided to try a good antidepressant. I hate the word and feel like a loser. Does anyone have any feedback at all? I am athletic. I feel symptoms and worry about damaging my body.

Posted by Vaughanperson
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I used to take Cipralex, but the effects wear off after about 4-6 months. It wrecks your sex life – you're unable to feel much or experience an orgasm and it also gives you headaches and a host of other stuff such as dizziness. Another strange effect is that it affected my cognitive function and memory. I found myself unable to carry out certain tasks and would go from room to room in the house trying to remember what I'd gone there for – that side effect was particularly distressing.

I now take 5htp to self treat my depression and that works 100% better than the Cipralex. I take 100mg last thing at night and it also helps you to sleep. It doesn't affect your sex life and there's no side effects that I've ever come across. You can buy it from the health food store – chemists don't sell it, they sell St Johns Wort – or over the internet. I couldn't take St Johns Wort as it gave me palpitations.

Rhodiola Rosea (Siberian Golden Root) is also good for depression – don't take it if you suffer from high blood pressure though.

You're not a loser for suffering from depression. The losers are the ones who whinge about it, but don't seek any help.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Rhodiola and High Blood Pressure

Rhodiola and High Blood Pressure

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