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By | June 18, 2014

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What are the benefits of black tea and ginger root?

I've recently started drinking Tazo Organic Chai. I've been drinking green tea and know it has great benefits. I was wondering what are the benefits of black tea and giner root?

Posted by Joelolly

Black tea has some antioxidants which help your body repair cellular damage by acting as co-factors in repair enzymes. It's not the only source, but if you drink some every day it can only help.

Other good sources are Gree Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Acai berry, Pomagranete, and most other fruit to a smaller Degree.

Ginger is classically know for helping tummy troubles. It is recomended for people who get sea sick, car sick or having Morning sickness.

I think in traditionally Chinese medicine it is considered a "warming" item, so it is prescribed for any "cold" conditions. Like a flemmy cough.

Valerian root tea?

For the past month ive been barley sleeping.
Last night i took it for the first time
it made me a little sleepy
then woke me right up, and my heart started racing and sweaty hands..
Is this normal?
Should i keep taking it and will it sort itself out, or is this how it will be for me..and should i stop taking it ?
Please help !

Posted by JG24

I've never heard of this happening to a person who has taken Valerian Root tea before. Valerian Root has the ability to help relax the central nervous system, promote feelings of calm, decrease levels of anxiety and stress; which is almost the opposite reaction to what you've experienced.. It is actually renowned for it's lack of side effects (I have read in multiple places that it has none). I don't think it could cause too much harm if you continue taking it. There is a possibility that this reaction was caused by something else.. But if you feel that it was caused by the Valerian Root and your worried that this reaction will keep occurring then maybe try something else such as Chamomile tea. The only noted side effect is an extremely rare contact allergy. Although, the only problem is it may not work as well as Valerian Root.

I hope that helps =]

Oh and I know this is a very obvious suggestion, but if all else fails, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to visit your doctor…

When to take Valerian root tea?

I recently gave up taking xanax about 3 weeks about. Some one recommended drinking valerian root tea but i know i can conflict with xanax. When would it be save to start drinking valerian root tea.

Posted by 2434567890

According to my herbal textbook, Valerian is very good with nervous troubles, irritation, weakness, or hysteria. It is non-narcotic, and can be combined with other herbal remedies, I don't know about drugs though. An experienced herbalist might be able to tell you. It's also stimulating, and a tonic to the system – meaning it strengthens your system. It's bitter, so use something like Essence of Aniseed (rec by the book) or cloves or honey to cover the taste.

Valerian root should never be boiled, so I'd just pour water that is just beginning to boil over it, and let steep 20 minutes, covered. Always cover your herbal teas because volatile oils can escape otherwise.

Sommeil ( Manque de ) : Eleuthérocoque , Astragale ……

Root Teas

Root Teas

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