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How to induce labour!!!!!!! What really works or what has worked for you!?

I am 34 weeks and i seriously feel like i am going to breazk down if i dont have my son soon. Dont worry i dont plan on doing anything until i am 37-38 weeks, the longer he is in there the better but he is soo big, my ribs literally feel like they are being torn apart and each week it seems to get that bit worse because he is growing and he is a big baby both my partner and i were large babies and my partner in general is very tall and i am so much shorter than him so bub is quite long.

I am really trying to hang in there and i can do it for at last 3-4 more weeks i think but no longer then that, i am in agony!! Please give me some advice!!!! I dont want to hear that i should just wait until 40 weeks because i dont think i can.

Please help!!!!!!! As many answers as possible please, i am planning on reading them all!!! What ever helps induce labour that is safe i would love to hear about!
And if i have to use caster oil how much do i have?
Oh and WI MOM , My son is measuring nearly 2 weeks bigger and i always measure bigger at my appointments so SHUT THE F*** UP!! I am sick of assholes like you, if i wanted negitive comments i would have asked for them, i am in pain and not in the mood to take your shit so dont fuckin answer my questions anymore!!

Posted by karlene c

Sex put me into labor! Also try walking or running/jogging if posssible i know i was huge so it wasnt easy ! Try going up and down stairs as fast as possible if you have a trampoline you can jump on that! Pretty much any super active activity should help try everything there are also teas which some cultures believe help i had a friend who went into labor 4 hours after drinking it but it could have been a coincidence i will look online for a recipe then edit GOODLUCK! CONGRATS!

THe tea is Red Rasberry Leaf Tea and many seem to believe it works but doctors say it doesn't although they do say that it makes labor more effecient exspecially if you drink it from 37 weeks on I will let you know if i read anything else oh yeah and the nipple stimulation and castor oil will help too!A women on another site says she went into labor 24 hours after drinking a tea called rasberry zinger she got it at walmart
1. Walk, Walk, Walk
According to some experienced mothers, walking can help induce your labor naturally. Why? Because the motion of walking will move your hips from side to side. This motion will help move your baby into the right position so he or she can be born.

2. Have Sex
"What???" you're probably hollering, "that's what got me into this shape in the first place!" In order to induce your labor naturally, you need to start having contractions. Your male partner's semen contains a hormone called Prostaglandins. Synthetic Prostaglandins are administered to women in order to induce labor. Plus, when a woman has sexual orgasms, her uterus contracts. Therefore, having sex can actually help induce your labor in two ways.

3. Take Castor Oil
Castor Oil is an age-old remedy for everything from constipation to an upset stomach. I know of a woman who swears that it can also help induce your labor naturally. Simply mix three or four teaspoons of Castor Oil in your favorite non-alcoholic drink. (This type of oil is available at your local drugstore.) Of course Castor Oil will clean your colon out. But, it's supposed to also help you go into labor.
If you are wanting to have your baby soon yet you don't want to go with a medical induction there are some natural methods to help get your body going. Though nothing will work very effectively if your baby is not ready. Then it is best just to wait and watch the wonder of pregnancy and birth.

A time-honored tradition of trying to induce labor is nipple stimulation. This usually works best if some labor is already underway. If it isn't, the possibility is high that it will only cause your uterus to contract, but not effectively enough to deliver a baby. Your partner at home can do this in the comfort and peace of your own home. Provide as relaxing an environment as possible and be consistent with it. If you have a baby or toddler still nursing this can also be used as nipple stimulation.

Having intercourse is also an option to consider. Unfortunately, the late stages of pregnancy are often not the times you have love making on your mind. Your belly is large and you can hardly move and no activity probably sounds best. Yet, the prostaglandins in sperm can stimulate contractions in the uterus and possibly to the point of getting labor underway. Again, your body would need to be ready and forcing the issue will accomplish nothing in terms of having a baby.

The herbal remedies are perhaps the best choice for inducing labor naturally. Black cohosh and blue cohosh are the two traditional herbs to use. They effectively contract the uterus if used on a frequent enough basis. One concoction includes cotton root bark as well.

Beginning in the morning, put 10 drops each of black cohosh and blue cohosh tinctures in a small amount of water. Take them every hour from approximately 7 a.m. Until noon. After a light lunch, resume the 10 drops each and add 5 drops of cotton root bark tincture to the mixture and take every hour. While you are doing this, being up and about can help the contractions be effective. By nightfall, if nothing has happened, it is time to go to bed and try again in a couple days.

THis is also from a website

What's the best moisturizer for my hair?

I have thick, puffy hair that's permed. Usually after the first week of washing since a touch up I already begin to notice my hair getting dry. So does anyone know of a moisturizer I can buy to keep moisture in my hair that also doesn't get it greasy? If I have to make it with several products please give me their names and how to mix them.

Posted by karjiana

Cantu shea butter


organic root stimulator hair lotion


and evoo (extra virgin olive oil), tea tree, or africas best herbal oil as a sealant. (i use all three together)


How can i get my hair to grow quickly?

Basically i had my hair cut into a bob april time and i also dyed it i now dont like it any more and i want to get my hair to grow as quickly as possible but naturally does anyone know what i can do to help make my hair grow faster ?

Posted by Louise Rogers

You should try taking Biotin. 5000 micro grams a day. You can get it at walmart, sams club, cvs, riteaid, I think everywhere. It's not just good for growth/nails, but it makes your hair shinier/thicker/healthier.
Also, mane & tail shampoo/con. (walmart, amazon, kmart, Sallys) is great.

My tips:

Massage your scalp everyday to make the blood flow. As well as holding your head upside down for 30 seconds a day.

-Mix rosemary with cleansing shampoo and apply in your hair. It works as a good anti-dandruff treatment.

-Massage the oil of arnica, marigold, rosemary and southernwood into the scalp. It is very useful in hair loss.

-Make an aloe vera shampoo. When combined with wheat germ oil and coconut milk, aloe vera gel makes a shampoo to promote hair growth. Use the shampoo as often as you wash your hair.

1.Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is probably the best way to achieving healthy hair.

2.Vitamins B, C, F, zinc, iron, copper and protein are essential for hair growth.

3. Brush your hair gently with preferably wooden brushes to increase hair growth.

4.Boil 1 cup of celery leaves with stems, strain and add juice of 1 lemon. You can
rinse your hair with this after washing your hair. It makes your hair look healthy
and lustrous.

5.Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing.

6.If one wants to grow hair, trim the hair once every month.

7.Never brush the hair when it is wet.

8.Massage aloe vera gel over the scalp and leave it for about one hour. After this rinse the hair with warm water. It gives amazing results for hair growth.

9.Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea helps in hair growth

10.Boil rosemary leaves in water and use this water while washing your hair daily to improve hair growth.

11.Massaging your scalp vigorously with your fingers promotes hair growth.

12.Rinsing your hair with one juiced lemon and one cup of water is said to bring
life and shine back to dull hair.

13.Rub olive oil into the scalp to promote hair growth.

14.Massage the scalp with egg yolk, leave for 1 hour and wash.

15.Rub olive oil into the scalp to promote hair growth.

16.Rinse hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and sage tea to help hair grow.

I've done half of this, and I have three inch roots from only a month & a half, so I hope it all works for you 🙂

David Wolfe on Ashwaganda…

Three Root Tea at Walmart

Three Root Tea at Walmart

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