Ashwagandha and Hair Loss

By | June 17, 2014

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I found my first gray hair?

Last year I found my first gray hair. I would think it was normal if I wasn't thirteen at the time. Of course I am fourteen now and I am finding more gray hairs. Can this possibly be genetic? My mother has a full head of white hair (which she dyes black) and she is still young. She told me she started getting a bunch of gray hairs when she was just seventeen. I don't mind the gray hair I actually think it's beautiful and represents wisdom. I would like to know if this is possibly genetic. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
Umm I didn't ask for ways to stop it I asked if it was possibly genetic..

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Ashwagandha Benefits

Looking at your problem i will suggest you to take

To prevent and reverse premature and excessive greying of hair,do the following:

1.Ensure that you diet includes foods rich in Protein,vitamins,and minerals.

2.Massage your scalp with Omega 3 rich shampoos or oils such as Emu oil.These oils actually treat the hair follicle and rejuvenate the pigment generating cells called Melanocytes.

3.Reduce stress .

4.IncludeYogurt,Honey,vinegar,Blackstrap Molasses,Apple Cider, Black Walnuts,Sesame Seeds,Pumpkin seeds,Flax seed,and bean sprouts in your diet.

5.Take anti-gray hair tablets and creams such as Melancor,Reminex, Fo-Ti Root,Shen Min,and Restoria Discreet.

6.Quit smoking for good.

7.Take Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) tablet or include food such as( Brewer's yeast, molasses, liver, kidney, whole grains) in your diet.

8.Reduce intake or better yet avoid caffeine, salt,refined sugars.spicy and fried foods.
9.Eat adequate zinc rich foods.ZINC helps prevent hair loss and greying.

10.Take vitamin C.Vitamin C ensures the health of capillaries supplying blood to hair follicles
11.Get enough sleep everyday.


13.Take a copper supplement.Colloidal Copper is recommended.

14.Take Tyrosine Supplement.Tyrosine is fundamentally required for melanin formation. A product known as Gleevec, which reversed gray hair in some people who used it, is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

15.Take Antioxidants.

Antioxidants help destroy free radicals in the body which cause Oxidative stress that damage cells including hair cells.

16.Take Biotin.Biotin delays the onset of gray hair and may retard the further progression of gray hair.

17.Take Folic acid.Folic acid helps to prevent gray hair.

18.Take Vitamin B12 and Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5).

19.Try Eugenol Oil.Eugenol is the technical name for clove oil.When applied topically to the scalp has been demonstrated to restore hair color.

20.Try Ligustrum.Ligustrum is used in China to prevent gray hair.

21.Try Ashwagandha.Ashwagandha is also referred to as "Indian Ginseng'".Ashwagandha helps prevent and treat gray hair by increasing the melanin content of the hair.

22.Try Indian Amla Oil.Amla is one of the richest sources of natural Vitamin C.

23.Try Maka (Eclipta Alba).Maka helps prevent falling hair, stops premature greying and treat insomnia.

24.Try Motia Rosha Oil.Motia Rosha helps stimulates pigment cells of hair.It helps hair growth, treats and prevents grey hair, dandruff, split ends and imparts healthy glow to hair.

25.Try Eclipta alba (Bhringraj).The fresh juice of Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) blackens the hair,and it is the best natural hair dye.

26.Wash your hair with with cool or lukewarm water when bathing.Avoid hot water.Washing your hair with very hot water or using hair-dryers excessively weaken roots, and may lead to premature greying.

27.Try Rosemary oil.Rosemary oil is believed to gradually darken grey hair over a period of time.

28.Try to massage your scalp with Almond Oil,and Coconut oil.Allow enough time for oil to be absorbed. Most oils are not easily absorbed by the hair, which is why you need to leave oil on for at least 30 or forty-five minutes.

Keep in mind that you won't see drastic overnight results Following these recommendations; any results will be seen gradually over the course of a few months. And it should also be mentioned here that if you stop following these recommendations, you will lose any benefit you gained and the gray will return.

I think this would help a lot try it.


My age is 14.I was admitted in the hospital due to high fever and i fainted down and it took me a week to recover.I came back home thinking that everything was fine but after a few days i saw that my scalp was seeing in my left side of the head.Then what i saw in the rest of the days was massive shedding.I apllied a lot of oil in my head but nothing worked to stop the hair loss.Soon it was school vacation for 2 months ,.I shaved my hair thinking that new hair would grow but soon understood that it was only a myth.I went to see a dermatologist.i mentioned her about my hospital visit and hair loss.She aid that it was due to the stress at that time and she said that new hair has to grow in that place.she gave me menofit tablets and folifast hair tincture.but it didnt work .i again visited hair and then she gave me proanagen tablets and folifast for another 2 months.WHAT DO YOU THINK HAVE HAPPENED TO MY HAIR.SEARCHING ALL THE STUFF IN WEB I THINK IT IS TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM.PLZ ALSO TELL ME THAT THE MEDICINE IS SAFE OR NOR AND WILL I GET MY HAIR BACK OR NOT.I AM REALLY CRYING EVERYDAY THINKING THAT WHY AM I ONLY SUFFERING FROM THIS.PLZ GIVE ME SOME INSPIRATIONAL POINTS ALSO.PLUS IS THERE ANY AYURVEDA TREATMENTS FOR HAIR REGROWTH OR ANY OTHER THINGS THAT I COULD NATURALLY DO.PLS GUYS HELP ME.

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Ashwagandha Benefits

Takes time for hair to grow back, give them atleast six months for a decent growth. Meanwhile eat healthy, don't use chemicals on your scalp and hair. Use mild shampoos like some herbal ones. You can use Hair4U lotion as directed on the package (Minoxidil+Aminexil). Use it for couple of months and there will be much inprovement.

Ayurveda treatment, you can use Himalaya Brahmi and Ashwagandha for stress management. Use Himalaya Anti Hairfall Shampoo and Anti hairfall Oil. Can also try Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream. Keep your scalp clean and massage gently everyday to increase blood flow to the follicles. Continue your dermatologist's prescription too.

Don't use Hair4U after using hair oil or it will not be absorbed.

Apply Salicylic Acid lotion twice a week.

Stop stressing and crying for your hair, otherwise you will be bald soon. Stress wreaks havoc on hair.

Does masturbating cause hairfall….??? If not how to stop hair fall??? Please need ur help.?

I am of 18+ male.

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Ashwagandha Benefits

The tips below would help you stop hairfall.and if they dont seek medical masturbation doesnt cause hairfall!Let us look at some important basic ways to how to get rid of hair loss:-

Tip 1: Treating hair loss depends upon the cause of it. There are many reasons why hair fall has happened to anyone. Depending upon the cause, the treatment is fixed. When it is because of malnourishment, the condition is treated accordingly. Vitamin E and vitamin C are said to have beneficial effects on hair fall and hence, in undernourishment, such supplements are used in several ways such as local/topical application and/or internal supplements.

Tip 2: The god has gifted us with plenty of natural herbs that possess great properties that help strengthening the hair roots and hence to prevent the hair fall. Herbs such as Shikakai, amalaki (Indian gooseberry), bhringaraja (eclipta alba), brahmi etc are few of the potential herbs those have been used in treating various health ailments, especially hair fall since many years. Such herbs are even prescribed by modern physicians since they produce least or no side, unwanted or harmful effects.

Tip 3: Some health care providers believe that stress is the main causative factor among others. That is why, treating stressful condition is one of the best ways to get rid of hair fall. Again, there are various ways to treat the mental condition. Herbs such as Ashwagandha, brahmi, shankhpushphi, guduchi are said to have beneficial effects on to the human brain and can be used in various stressful conditions.

Tip 4: There are some specialized Ayurvedic therapies such as shirodhara and nasyam preformed especially to treat condition like hair fall. These therapies use medicated solutions and oils in order to nourish the hair root and hence are best options to get rid of hair loss.

Tip 5: In case of treating and preventing the hair fall, you must follow some important advises. You should not comb the hair when they are wet as wet hair tends to leave their roots and fall. Also, you must not comb the hair vigorously as to prevent the hair fall. Tie your hair so that they do not fall and keep the hair short (the best way to prevent dandruff).

Tip 6: If the hair fall is due to dandruff and dry, itchy scalp, try some formula that helps getting rid of it. Shikakai, lemon etc are found to be effective.

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Ashwagandha and Hair Loss

Ashwagandha and Hair Loss

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