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By | June 17, 2014

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Is this NUTRIGAIN Powder good to take for building muscles, maintaining fitness & will it help in gain weight.?

Composition per 100gm(Approximate) : Carbohydrate-74 gms, Protein-15 gms, Fat-05 gms, Grapes ext.-1.0gm, Dates ext.-1.0gm, Sariva ext.-0.8gm, Ashwagandha ext.-0.5gm, Gokshura ext.-0.5gm, Jeeraka ext.-0.5gm, Pippali ext.-0.1gm, Maricha ext.-0.1gm, Shunti ext.- 0.1gm , Amalaki ext.-0.1gm.
(if this good to take than how many months should i take) it is 100% herbal & manufacture says no side effects & should be taken with the capsule – 120 caps for 60 days. Taking capsule along with the NUTRIGAIN powder is it safer. Pls suggest.

Posted by Giri
Ashwagandha Benefits

Very good!

Does ashwagandha churna help to gain weight or not?

And it has any side effect ? Is it safe to take for gain weight?

Posted by Rude Boy
Ashwagandha Benefits

Yes, by way of increasing the appetite. It also gives a feeling of well being.

Dosage of ashwagandha?

I am a 21 years old male..
Height 5 9" weight 58kgs (checked today itself )
i am doing gym workout from the last 2 gain weight.
I dont want to take any protien supplement..
One of my friend suggested me to take ashwagandha..
I have baidyanath ashwagandha powder with me..
Plz suggest me how to consume it for best much time it will take to show ther any side effects???..

Posted by Dhruv
Ashwagandha Benefits

Add 1 ts aswagandha powder with one glass of milk and take daily.

ASWAGANDHA LEHYA is also available in ayurvedic medical shops.U can take this instead of powder.
Dosage- 1 table spoon lehya daily morning in empty stomach(keep 1/2 hour difference between this medicine and takes half an hour to absorbe)
or use
Dosage-1 ts daily before going to bed

remember that u must reduce masturbation to 1-2 times/ week(not daily)
otherwise there is NO USE with these medicines or gym.

Withania somnifera -Ashwagandha uses and benefits- Planet ……

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