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By | June 17, 2014

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How do I use Ashwagandha Root?

I have recently purchased several "brain-boosting" herbs online, as well as some energy-promoting ones. I can find vaporizing temperatures for all of them except Ashwaganda Root. I think I made the inaccurate assumption that I could vaporize it. Is it safe to vaporize? I do not have the powder, rather, the sifted root. If I cannot vaporize it, what should I do with it?

Posted by Tom
Ashwagandha Benefits

I think you may have been misinformed on a couple things. First, Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) is really more for energy and stress, not for "brain boosting"… But Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) is for energy and brain health.
Second, most herbs you could buy in a health food store are really only beneficial in the way they are listed if they are ingested (swallowed), not inhaled (vaporized)… Heck, some of the herbs for brain health like Ginkgo or Bacopa Monnieri would smell pretty bad if you vaporized them.

In any case, if you wanted to chop it into small chunks or powderize it, Ashwaganda is normally recommended to take half a gram once or twice a day for stress and energy, but you wouldn't want to take too much either. If you bought it from someone that told you it was for brain health, I'd try to return it to them for false advertising. Good luck and I hope I helped!

How can I eat healthy if my parents buy junk food?

I am not fat, I am tall and 112 lbs and I am 14 my doctor said that was underweight for my age which I was surprised I was not fat because all the food at my house is junk or processed food. I play a lot of sports and get a lot of exercise but I still feel horrible, I have chess pains,stomach pains, and when I sit down my legs go numb and start to change color. So I looked it up online and they said I need a better diet…well how in the heck am I suppose to have a healthy diet when I am not the one who buys groceries??? I started to take multi vitamins and shaklee vitamins because maybe that will help?

Oh and every time I bring up healthy food to my mom she just laughs and says " nobody gunna eat that lettuce crap. Have a cookie instead"

It really pisses me off.

Posted by 2 Chainz
Ashwagandha Benefits

A diet rich in immunity boosters is panacea for all your symptoms. You must convince your beloved parents to get you such food stuff only. You youngsters are very shrewd, smart and intelligent with genius mindsets.
Regular pestering with your seniors can solve the issues one day or the other.

1. Good liquid Diet, green leaf juices + honey, like aloe vera juice, noni juice, wheat grass powder, fresh fruit [seasonal fruit only] juices sprouted seeds like green gram, horse gram, ground nuts, boiled- after soaking in water for 15 hours-Soya beans, etc., raw coconut, raw dates, watermelon, cabbage, yogurt, spinach, helped many a no. Of Health conscious people all over the globe.
2. Acupressure techniques – A MUST to ensure faster recovery. Utility—Blocked energy + toxins shall be moved from all Ur internal organs to purge in the normal drainage system, i.e., urine, feces, sweat, cough, menses[ladies], vomiting and all the organs shall function up to optimal levels.
3. No salt, no baking soda, no cooked food, No chocolates, No Pizzas, No burgers —-to boost-up immunity power to produce antibodies. Say no to Deep freeze and deep fried chicken, red meat, mutton, pork, beef, etc. Diet sodas with aspertime and colas made in India, etc.
4. Yoga Therapy—Kapalbhati, Bhastruka and Loma and anuloma to activate abdomen. Pelvic region and lungs.
5. Aloe Vera juice – 30 ml. + 1 tsp of honey—t.d.s.
6. Wheat grass powder – 1 tsp of powder + 2 drops of honey + 1 cup of hot water b.d.s.
7. Noni Juice-A French fruit. 5 ml., t.d.s., in the I week; 10 ml tds., in the II week and 15 ml. T.d.s, from III week onwards. Add double quantity of water every time.

8. For the first 10/15 days, drink pineapple juice.
9. After 15 days, if the patient gets very hungry (it is a good sign of recovery), give the patient 3 to 4 ounces of curd, prepared in the following manner. To the boiled warm milk (preferably of cow's or goat's milk) add 12/15 leaves of tulsi and prepare the curd. If the patient is of Pitt Prakruti, give him this curd, adding thereto little powder of crystal sugar. For all other types of patients, this curd can be taken with little rock salt or black salt in it. Such curd can be taken 3 to 4 times a day. From 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. Only.
9. Eat roasted bitter gourd (Karela-bitter gourd) – has been found effective even in blood cancer. Just, burn it on direct fire as U burn –mokkajonna kande-Telugu, Hindi–Butta—- eat it just like that by chewing every mouthful 25 times.
10. Panch Tulasi Drops –available @ any local Ayurveda Shop all over India. Dosage 1 drop + 1 cup of hot milk/tea/water daily.
11. Ambuta Drops—A non-poisonous vegetarian herb from forests of Johannesburg, Africa found to be effective against all cancers and incurable auto-immune disorders, after 25 years of research work, available @ all homeo stores. Dosage –15 drops sublingiual—t.d.s.

12.Preferably enema twice daily for the first 15 days or Triphala Churan [1 tsp churan + 1 cup of butter milk @ night before sleep] to keep her/his bowels free from accumulated feces/toxins for life.
Daily nutritional
Support for normal man or woman
Chyawan cap – 2 Cap after breakfast.3
Triphala – 2 Cap after meals [lunch & dinner] .
Ashwagandha – 2 Cap in the night before going to sleep.
Weakness or
Optimum HealthImmuno Plus – 1 Cap morning & evening empty stomach.
Liver Tone Plus – 1 Cap after meals [lunch & dinner].
Musli – 1 Cap in the night before sleep.

•Patented Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Supplements manufactured in India and USA, approved by USFDA, KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, ISO ETC., and made available at Stores in your vicinity in 40 countries all over the globe. No Side Effects.

Which is the best place to Buy Shilajit from? What are the various Shilajit reviews?

Posted by Kevin
Ashwagandha Benefits

Planet Ayurveda – www.planetayurveda.com/

This is a company based in India. It has a number of Ayurvedic products in its shelf. Shipping is quite fast for a company that is shipping directly from India. Shilajit concentration per capsule : 500 mg – Fuvic acid concentration – Not mentioned.

Price: U.S.$42.95 – (This is the minimum purchase)

Review: The Company is reputable. But the drawbacks are that there are several products in the shelf and shilajit is commoditized. The minimum purchase is U.S.$42.95 which is high. The Shilajit per capsule is 500 milligram (mg) only (though most shilajit brands offer anything from 300 mg – 500 mg). The fulvic acid concentration is not mentioned.

DABUR Shilajit Gold
Dabur is one of the reputed companies in the field of ayurvedic medicines. Its Shilajit gold is quite popular. However you cannot buy it directly from the company through the internet. There are a number of resellers where you can buy it from. Another major drawback is that the company does not clearly mention the amount of Shilajit in milligrams per capsule. There is also no mention of Fulvic acid content. Another major reason why Shilajit Gold has to be approached with caution is the fact that this shilajit contains Gold Bhasma or mono atomic gold. Mono atomic gold should not be taken for anything more than a couple of days.


This website basically offers Dabur Shilajit a reseller. Price wise for one bottle it is U.S.25. The shipping is free. As with Dabur shilajit it has no mention of the amount of Shilajit per capsule or the fulvic acid content. This website also claims to be affiliated with Baba Ramdev a yoga guru from India. They also have a number of Aurvedic products.

Review: The product is a resold item. Quite expensive at U.S.$25 per bottle. No mention of shilajit content per capsule nor the fulvic acid content.

Dr.Ray Sahelian. Www.raysahelian.com/shilajit.html
Dr.Ray Sahelian is a well known herbalist and has written extensively on hundreds of different herbs and natural supplements. He promotes a type of Shilajit and other herbs combination mix known as Passion RX which is a mixture of Shilajit and Yohimbe. It basically meant to be used as an aphrodisiac.

Best Nutrition products – shilajeeta.com
The author of the website is quite knowledgeable about shilajit. They have a number of products in shelf. Each packet of Shilajit is priced at U.S.$18 and shipping cost is another U.S.$10. Shilajit per capsule is 500 mg – like most others. There is no mention of Fulvic acid content in the shilajit. You have to shell out U.S.$28 for 500 mg Shilajit capsules.

Rudramani Shilajit : Http://www.rudramani.com
RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT is a fairly well known brand offering Shilajit. Their main processing plant is located in India on the eastern Indian side of Himalayan Mountains (close to Dharamshala in Himachal Pardesh). The raw shilajit harvested from Himalayan Mountains is processed in the plant nearby. They have ISO 9002 Certification of the processing factory and GMP – Good Manufacturing Procedure as per WHO standards. These certificates are sent along with every order. Shilajit seems to be the only product they are dealing in so best attention can be expected.

The Shilajit content per capsule is – 1000 milligrams (mg) which is almost double of the other brands seen above. They also seem to use a patented process involving flash drying and vacuum filtration to achieve highest concentration of Fulvic acid.
They are known to be customer friendly offering individual attention. They also do surprise the buyers by offering unexpected free gifts. Currently they are offering Free bottles of Ashwagandha (Withanis Somnifera) with every order of shilajit. Ashwagandha goes extremely well with shilajit and has a number of beneficial properties.

Price wise RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT is also the least expensive and pocket friendly. One packet of Shilajit – 1000 mg – 60% Fulvic acid – 1 month’s supply costs – U.S.$9.99/- there is a onetime packing and shipping cost of U.S.$9 (which is fixed even if 100 packets are ordered in one go). They do shipping either from Columbus, Ohio, USA or from India. Either way the delivery is done within a maximum of 10 days.

Review; RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT seems to be the least expensive as well as offering high concentration of Shilajit (1000 mg) with 60% Fulvic acid. They also send all documents including ISO 9002 certification, GMP (World Health Organization norms) certification and a United States Food and Drug Authority prior notification (USFDA – Prior Notice) documents along with each order. A phone number where orders can be placed would have been better.

Uses and Benefits of Ashwagandha – Withania somnifera by …


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