Where to Get Ashwagandha

By | June 17, 2014

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So take ashwagandha in the morning?

Posted by Darrien
Ashwagandha Benefits

Ashwagandha has many possible uses including the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and even enhanced memory. It has many different names – withania somnifera, winter cherry, Indian Ginseng, and of course, Ashwagand(h)a. I use "Tranquility Kare" because it claims higher standards and is based in the US. Otherwise, you can find a large listing of products here:

As for when you should take it, it depends on what you're using it for. I take it just as needed. The great thing is it's non-toxic with no reported side effects, so no worries there. Hope this may help 🙂

Herbal Medicine Ashwagandha ?

My Mother-in-law is suffering form Hypothyrodisim and want to start herbal medicine Ashwagandha with Arjuna. Suggest me whether it is useful or not. If yes please tell how?

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Ashwagandha Benefits

No ashwagandha herb is use in stress and for weight gain as a health tonic it is not use-full for hypothyroidism. And arjuna is use in heart disease . So i write a article for youe mother on my blog that " how to cure hypothyroidism by alternative methods and herbs.
Main points of this article is….

1. Make an herbal ayurvedic medicine at home this medicine is told by baba ramdev in his yoga camps and book “aoushad darsna”
Trikatu churna 50 gm
(You make trikatu churna my mix dry ginger, long pepper, black pepper in equal quantity and grind it to make powder or buy it at baba ramdev stores)
Bahera churna (belliric myrobalan powder) 20 gm
(Bahera is a famous herb found at all herbal stores and ayurvedic store)
Divya- praval pisti 10 gm
Mix above 3 ingredients and take ½ teaspoonful mix with honey at morning when empty stomach.
2. Acupressure 5 minutes your both hand thyroid points thyroids point is found below your thumb at shown in picture.
3. Done baba ramdev kapal bhati and anulom viloma pranayama each for 15-15 minutes daily to cure hypothyroidism.
4. Take homeopathic medicine Thyrodiniumn 30C 3 times a day. (For 15 days only)
5. Avoid day sleeping strictly because in 99 percent ….read full article on


Has anyone ever tried this herbal supplement? If so, did it live up to its expectations? Are there any side effects and what kind?

Posted by Mr.Longrove
Ashwagandha Benefits

Ashwagandha is used in Ayurvedic medicine. I've used a lot of Ayurvedic herbs both topically (infused in massage oils) and through ingestion. I've always had fantastic results and never had a bad reaction to the herbs — despite the fact that I have a lot of food and chemical sensitivities.

You can ask the folks at Banyan Botanical about this herb if you have questions.

My questions for you are who recommended the herb to you and do you have a good source for the herb? If it was recommended by someone who is knowledgable about Ayurved and has done a diagnosis on you, fantastic! Also be sure your source for the herb is reputable.

Ashwagandha – Reviews, Facts & Warnings


Where to Get Ashwagandha

Where to Get Ashwagandha

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